Testimonials for Islamic Marital Arbitration Service

1.  "Very efficient service, with a quick response to the situation. Very knowledgeable and were able to appraise the situation and give advice."  (Lancashire)

2.  "Overall my experience was very positive. I would like to tell all women if they’ve got any question or need help in regards to their rights just contact FCB. They are really helpful. The way they helped me I am very grateful to the FCB and very happy with the result."  (London)

3. "Sharia council dealt with my matter with great care, sensitivity and promptly, cannot thank you enough for for handling my matter so well, I felt at ease through this difficult time." (West Midlands)

4.  "An efficient, informative, safe and approachable service. I would recommend to anyone"  (West Midlands)

5. "I would like to thank everyone at the council for helping me with my problem. Thorough advice and guidance was given at every step of the way." (London)

6. "My experience was very positive. I would like to thank everyone at the council. My problem was solved quickly and efficiently. " (West Midlands)

7. "I am very grateful to the Fiqh Council Birmingham in helping me with my on going problems in my life for over 25 years" (London)

8. "I had been in a unwanted marriage for over 12 years due to family pressure... my case was dealt with in a sympathetic and courteous manner." (West Midlands)

9. "Absolutely amazing experience !! very professional approach, matters sorted out extremely meticulously. They have listened to the issues in great detail giving attention to each and every component of the problem, they have always promptly responded to my queries and questions and have helped me out of an extremely difficult situation...." (London)

10. "I found the FCB to be very helpful. Questions were answered reasonably promptly and my situation was dealt with accordingly. I would recommend FCB to others " (Yorkshire)

11. "It was a great burden off my shoulders after I spoke with the FCB about my situation. The FCB were contacting me with further updates while they were making a decision and listening to the 2nd party too. After 3 months my situation was dealt with by the FCB and I couldn't be happier. Jzkallahker for resloving the matter that I needed help with" (West Midlands)

12. "This is definitely a process I would recommend. The advice given by the Council and the manner in which you are spoken to and your case is handled helps make a difficult situation easier to cope with." (West Midlands)

13. "Organisation was very thorough and professional." (West Midlands)

14. " They advise so well and I feel everything they did for me was very professional. I never felt judged but rather I felt heard." (West Midlands)

15. "I had found myself at a juncture in life wherein I didn't know if I had a way out. AlhamdulilLLah, AlhamduliLLah, AlhamduliLLah I can never begin to thank Allah SWT for showing me the way to reach out to FCB...When I found out that there is someone who can help, I reached out. I was given an appointment and the FCB panel looked at my case and took details from me under Islamic oath. I presented them with the full truth and on that day, I was was given words of advice which I will never forget. Even as I write this, I still become emotional every time I think about those words of support. I will continually make dua for those individuals who put an end to my misery, it is not even in my capacity to be able to thank them. May Allah SWT send His divine assistance to every member of the FCB panel in every single walk of life, in this world and in the Hereafter - more than they could ever imagine, Ameen. The panel is unbiased, their aim is to establish fairness and justice. Their role in society is quintessential." (Lancashire)