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Eid Mubarak from Fiqh Council Birmingham
Under the direct supervision of qualified and experienced scholars, the Fiqh Council Birmingham has been set up to serve the Muslim community especially in issues of Islamic law related to Nikah (marriage) , Talaq (divorce), Khula (mutually agreed divorce), Faskh (dissolution of marriage) etc. The Council includes the scholar Mufti Abu Zafr amongst other learned Imams located in Birmingham.

The Council accepts petitions for adjudication in marital disputes according to sacred Islamic law. Please kindly note that all advice and guidance offered by FCB whether verbal or written, is solely from the Islamic faith perspective. For matters pertaining to UK law, FCB advises individuals to refer to the relevant authorities. An application form can be downloaded from the Website. Fiqh Council Birmingham also makes available Islamic guidance through its Free online Fatwa service. Click Here to ask a question. For further information please refer to the FAQ section on the site.
Download an application form for the following:
- Seeking Faskh (dissolution of marriage)
- Seeking Mediation
- Seeking Khula
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For Advice & To Arrange An Appointment
Phone 07858 344 378 (9am-12pm Weekdays)