Will my funeral prayer be accepted when I have tattoos from before I reverted?


I have tattoos from before I reverted. I am aware that all my previous sins were erased when I reverted but I'd like to know if my funeral prayer will be accepted? I've looked into having them removed but they laser your skin which is painful and further scares the skin.


الجواب حامداً و مصلياً


Regarding the question mentioned, it should be noted that permanent tattoos are prohibited in Islam, thus if they can be removed without causing any physical harm they are to be removed. However, if their removal causes physical harm to the skin and or scarring then in this situation one is excused from removing them due to the harm involved. As for the funeral prayer, you are correct to say that all previous sins are removed upon embracing Islam, which includes the use of such tattoos. And as outlined above, one is excused from removing them in the situation stated. And Allah knows best.

Islamic reference:

2:238رد المحتار

مطلب في حكم الوشم

...لأنه أثر يشق زواله لأنه لا يزمل إلا بسلخ الجلد أو جرحه، كان لا يكلف بإزالة الأثر الذي يزول بماء حار أو صابون فعدم التكليف هنا أولى، وقد صرح به في القنية

فقال : ولو اتخذ في يده وشما لا يلزمه السلخ ا ه‍